Reflecting on My Webflow Journey: Embracing Change and Focusing on Value

In this article, I delve into my journey as a Webflow professional, exploring the challenges and decisions that have shaped my path in the last year. From questioning my love for client work to launching a Webflow agency, and ultimately, redefining my focus towards the Webflow space, join me as I navigate through this voyage of self-discovery and professional growth.

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Matias Pitters
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Last summer I decided to sit back from work and think on my next steps as a Webflow professional.I have just finished a huge Webflow project that I didn’t enjoy. Did I like working with clients? Was the main question revolving around my head.

Weighing My Options

The options I was envisioning on my head where:

  • Should I keep working with clients?
  • Or, should I target Webflow professionals helping them with achieve their business goals? Some sort of a Webflow trainer and freelance coach.

Finally , I decided to go with the first of the two. The training and coaching business was and still is something foreign to me and I was scared about going though this unknown path.

Launching Bookmark

On October 2022 I launched Bookmark, a Webflow agency targeting creative directors. Where my team (the one I was supposed to build) I would be developing the design creative directors were creating for their clients. There wasn’t a public launch of Bookmark. I didn’t want that in the event of Bookmark failing, people knowing about it.

Creating Bookmark's Identity

I knew I didn’t want to spend too much time on naming my new agency nor creating its visual identity. I quickly came up with the Bookmark name and logo. I did buy a font. I appreciate good typography and it's a good differentiator when everyone is using Google fonts and pairings.

Focus on Lead Generation

The real game-changer was to drive leads in. I knew that my focus needed to be there.I started with a couple of cold emailing initiatives. They ended up with one person replying they weren’t interested. And another one booking a call with me thinking I wanted to hire her. Definitely, my cold email copy was confusing.

I came up with a second more creative way of trying to drive leads in. This was a 100-day Webflow challenge.

The 100-Day Webflow Challenge

Where I would create one Webflow interaction a day. I would get inspired by the designs from a creative director or agency I would like to work with. And from there I would create an interactive piece in Webflow.

I thought this would get the attention of the people I wanted to work with and I should get at least one project from such an effort. Up until today no new projects have come from my first 100-day challenge. But, it has started some interesting conversations with people in the Webflow space, giving me the chance to be a guest in 3 different podcasts in the Webflow space.

Rethinking My Target Audience

Towards the end of the challenge I realised that this whole thing of targeting creative directors was off. I was looking for my own interests instead of focusing on the value I could provide to the people I wanted to work with. As a former designer, I wanted to work with high-quality designs. This was the main motivation of my moves, moving the value I could provide to my clients to a second plane.

By that time I came across Emily Kramer’s content for a second time. It helped me realise the value I could create for SaaS companies with Webflow. And the best thing, she was already speaking the language people in the SaaS industry. I’ve targeted SaaS companies in the past but now I could borrow Emily’s way of communicating to speak to this audience in their own way.

Deciding My Future Path

After 3 months of wrestling with the idea of targeting SaaS companies and creating the site to represent this change, I’ve decided I’m not moving forward with Bookmark. The reason behind this decision is the real me and the people I feel connected to is in the Webflow space. Is where I’ve built my network for the past years. Is where I know who I am and people know what they can call me for.

This means I’m doubling down on Masterflowmaker, the term I coined for myself when I decided to provide high-end Webflow freelance services to Enterprise Webflow agencies. Before this whole Bookmark thing. My goal now is to nurture my relationships in the Webflow space. And would make whatever is possible to get the chance to work with 8020 and Whiteboard, two Webflow powerhouses I’ve followed closely since they come to my attention.

I’m still not sure if this is the right move. I’m full of doubts, specially after my constant seek of change. The one question that is in my head as I write this is: would I be able to stick to the claim I just stated? I believe so. Making this writing public is a proof of my commitment. And there’s one thing that has changed from previous moves. Now my focus is on people, which I believe is the route to success.

Thanks for reading. I’d be super happy to connect. If you feel like sharing something with me please, please send me a DM on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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