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How The Assessment Works

Answer 22 targeted questions tailored to your current web setup, scope definition, migration readiness, and freelance hiring practices. Once completed, our assessment algorithm will analyze your responses to generate a comprehensive score, highlighting areas of strength and areas requiring further attention.

You'll Be Scored Against these four Key Areas

Current Website Setup

Review your platform's technology, mobile optimization, content frequency, and CRM integration. This evaluation helps gauge the readiness of your site’s infrastructure for migration to Webflow.

Scope Definition

Examine your project’s feature list, budget clarity, management, and planned timelines. This helps ensure all essential aspects of your project are well-defined and ready for execution.

Migration Readiness

Analyze your URL documentation, content relevance, SEO strategies, integration mapping, and media inventories. This assessment ensures a detailed and strategic approach to your migration.

Freelance Hiring

Evaluate your past engagement with Webflow professionals, commitment to high-quality freelancers, selection criteria, and support expectations. This determines your capability to staff and support your migration effectively.

Matías was a key member of our team. His quality level is always high. You're making a good decision working with .”
Joe Krug
Joe Krug
Founder at Finsweet

a webflow user before the CMS was a thing.

Hi, I’m Matias Pitters. I’ve been obsessed with Webflow since 2014.

Much has changed since then. What started as a simple tool to build one-pagers has become the flagship of the web industry. The immense power Webflow brings comes with a downside: jumping into it with little or no knowledge of the platform is overwhelming.

As a Webflow Migration Consultant, I help marketing leaders and CEO's in two ways. One. Make an informed decision whether Webflow is the right move. Two. Ensure everything is prepared to initiate their site migration to Webflow.

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